Intellectual Property Primer and Relations to Data with Susan Earley

Data Privacy and Data Protection

Intellectual Property Primer and Relations to Data with Susan Earley

As we move towards the 4th industrial revolution most of the new ideas and products we bring forward will contain some/a lot/be all intellectual property.  Protecting the individual rights associated with intellectual property and the data associated with those rights is becoming a major concern.  Protecting intellectual property rights is far more that ensuring that cheap copies of clothing do not flood the market and includes new inventions etc and even when the intellectual property may not directly refer to data products the details of the property will be recorded as data.

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Intellectual property (IP) rights are rights of ownership over ideas and their implementations. There are several kinds of IP with different protections, and there are some ideas that are so common that they cannot be protected (like common math algorithms). Data is used either as the IP itself, or to record information about the IP. I believe that my personal identifying information is MY IP, so data privacy is coming into all this as well. This presentation will be a basic introduction to the different types of IP and how they are protected at the federal level.


We are fortunate to have Susan Early a long standing leader in the field of data management who is currently attending law school for a Hybrid doctorate in jurisprudence in Intellectual Property and Technology.  She says that teaching lawyers about data and technology for implementing CCPA has been the most fun she’s had in years, and the laws regarding data and technology need a lot of work. She will graduate in December 2023 

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