isCDO members are the senior-most leaders of data and analytics in their respective organizations. While some carry the title of Chief Data Officer (CDO), others are "de facto CDOs", sporting an array of titles including: Analytics, Innovation, Customer Insights, Digital or other related roles. Our members span all global geographies and industries, including public and private sectors. Members represent themselves, not their organizations.

    * CDO status for membership purposes is self-reported. Issues or questions
    are reviewed by the Membership subcommittee of the isCDO Steering Group.

    MEMBER - membership level

    Individuals in an active or recent position with the title of Chief Data Officer* (CDO) or an equivalent role* in their organizations.
    Active isCDO leaders on the Steering Group or management team are also considered full MEMBERs.
    Dues: USD $200 per year

    ASSOCIATE MEMBER - membership level

    Individuals who actively participate in isCDO but do not have the CDO title or role and are not in an isCDO leadership position.
    This category includes educators, consultants, and vendors.
    Dues: USD $200 per year

    CORRESPONDENT - membership level

    Individuals who want to be kept informed of isCDO activities but are not members of the association.
    Dues: (none)

How to Join

  1. Submit the Member Registration online.
  2. The isCDO Administrator will set up your member login access and confirm via email.
  3. Login and begin participating in isCDO Forum discussions.
  4. New members will receive a PayPal Invoice by email for the isCDO member dues. This can be paid by credit card or PayPal account. The process is PCI-compliant and isCDO does not receive or retain any financial account information on the member.

Business Expense

As an industry association, isCDO dues qualify as a business expense. They are NOT charitable contributions. isCDO is administered by the Reengineering Forum (REF), a U.S. 501(c)(6) non-profit industry association incorporated in Massachusetts.

The isCDO dues year is from September 1 to August 31.